Reptiles and Amphibians

Crotolus oreganus oreganus, Northern Pacific Rattlesnake

Below is a list of the reptile and amphibian species that have been found on UCSC Fort Ord Natural Reserve. A PDF version can be accessed here.





Common Name

Ambystomatidae Ambystoma californiense* California Tiger Salamander
Anguidae Elgaria coerulea Northern Alligator Lizard
Elgaria multicarinata Southern Alligator Lizard
Anniellidae Anniella pulchra California Legless Lizard
Colubridae Coluber constrictor Western Yellow-bellied Racer
Contia tenuis Common Sharp-tailed Snake
Diadophus punctatus vandenburghii Monterey Ring-necked Snake
Lampropeitis getula California Kingsnake
Pituophis catenifer catenifer Pacific Gopher Snake
Thamnophis elegans terrestris Coast Gartersnake
Emydidae Actinemys marmorata Pacific (Western) Pond Turtle
Hylidae Pseudacris regilla Northern Pacific Treefrog
Phrynosomatidae Phrynosoma blainvillii Blainville's Horned Lizard
Sceloporus occidentalis Pacific Western Fence Lizard
Plethodontidae Aneides lugubris Arboreal Salamader
Batrachoseps sp. Slender Salamander
Ensatina eschscholitzii eschscholitzii Monterey Ensatina
Scincidae Plestiodon skiltonianus Skilton's Skink
Viperidae Crotalus oreganus oreganus Northern Pacific Rattlesnake

* Species not found on UCSC Fort Ord Natural Reserve. Reserve staff facilitates research on this species in nearby areas in Monterey County.